* This is a typical expression in Frankfurt.
It means, that the cidre (applewine) belongs in a special glass.
This is called "Gerippte".

Hesse Man (or Woman): Myth and Reality.

Although comparatively small, the German federal state of Hesse – and the peaceful, convivial people inhabiting it – is well known around the world.

Äppelwoi (apple wine)

A bit of an acquired taste but with addictive potential, Hesse's beverage of choice comes in many local varieties, served in the traditional pubs and guesthouses of Sachsenhausen (Frankfurt's south bank quarter) to accompany a hearty ration of Handkäs' mit Musik (sour milk cheese topped with chopped onions) or Rippchen mit Kraut (cured pork cutlets with Sauerkraut and potato mash).

Famous sons and daughters

All too often, the somewhat slack-sounding dialect spoken here leads newcomers to believe that they are dealing with simpletons, but you underestimate the people of Hesse at your peril. Here is just an excerpt from the long list of celebrities hailing from the region: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (godfather of German literature), Heinrich Hoffmann (creator of Der Struwwelpeter, the internationally-renowned illustrated children's book), Theodor Adorno (intellectual and sociologist), Arthur Schopenhauer (philosopher), Anne Frank (whose Diary has been published in more than 60 different languages), Otto Hahn (chemist and Nobel laureate), Albert Mangelsdorff (acclaimed jazz musician), Heinz Schenk (1970s TV show icon), Norbert Blüm (long-serving Federal Minister for Economics and Labour), the Rodgau Monotones (famed German-language rock band), and a long et cetera.


Des Stöffsche
    ins Gerippte.*